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Engine Repair

Fort Lauderdale Engine RepairYour engine provides the driving force behind your vehicle. Keeping this key component in perfect running order can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. At Wil’s Auto, we provide the maintenance services needed to keep your car, truck, van or SUV running smoothly mile after mile. Even the best-maintained vehicles, however, can experience engine trouble from time to time. Here are some of the most common engine problems and some key solutions for these serious automotive issues.

Smoke from Exhaust System

Excessive smoke emanating from your exhaust system is usually a sign of too much oil being burned by your engine. The color of the smoke, however, may point to a different issue that could require immediate attention. At Wil’s Auto, we can perform a number of key diagnostic tests to determine the precise cause of your exhaust smoke and to correct any issues before they add up to serious trouble for you and your vehicle.

Misfires and General Poor Performance

A number of issues can result in reduced performance for your car or truck. Our Fort Lauderdale repair shop can provide you with in-depth analysis of the possible causes for misfires, stutters and other issues with your engine’s performance. We can diagnose engine control system issues, fuel pressure problems and failed components to pinpoint the problem and provide you with professional assistance in restoring your engine to full operating power. From basic tune-ups to replacement of fuel filters and computer sensors, Wil’s Auto can deliver the right solutions for your vehicle.

Engine Lights

Most modern cars, trucks and SUVs provide early warning of engine problems through the dreaded engine light on your dashboard. The automotive technicians at Wil’s Auto can read the codes from these warning lights and provide you with expert analysis of the issues indicated, allowing you to take proactive steps to address any problems and to plan for the costs of repair or replacement. Making Wil’s Auto your first stop after your engine light goes on can help you avoid extensive repair costs that may result from ignoring these warnings.

At Wil’s Auto, we offer specialized diagnosis and repair for all types of automotive engines. Our Fort Lauderdale repair shop can provide you with the expert assessments you need to keep your vehicle running at optimal efficiency. Call us at 954-226-9395 to set up an appointment with our car care professionals. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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