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Uber/Lyft Inspection

Fort Lauderdale Uber & Lyft InspectionCar-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can provide added income streams for qualified drivers with vehicles that meet the stringent requirements of these innovative service companies. Wil’s Auto can perform the necessary inspections to qualify your vehicle for service with Uber or Lyft, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of a part-time job that allows you to work on your own schedule and set your own hours. Our ASE-certified technicians can provide you with the inspection services needed to take part in these advanced ride-sharing services.


Uber requires that all vehicles approved for use by their company meet certain standards of quality:

  • Cars, trucks and minivans must have at least four doors. No full-sized vans are accepted for use by Uber drivers.
  • Vehicles must be free of any major cosmetic defects or damage.
  • Uber requires that all vehicles approved for use in conjunction with their service be 10 years old or less.
  • Vehicles must pass a 19-point vehicle inspection.

Obtaining an Uber inspection from Wil’s Auto can help you streamline the application and approval process, allowing you to begin earning money more quickly.


The process for becoming a Lyft driver is slightly different. Lyft requires new drivers to work with a mentor chosen by the company from among the ranks of their working drivers. This mentor will perform the inspection and determine if the vehicle meets Lyft standards. It is recommended that you obtain an inspection from our Fort Lauderdale repair shop before beginning the application process. This can allow you to make a better impression on your Lyft mentor and can improve your chances of success when applying as a driver with this car-sharing service.

A Proven Reputation for Excellence

Wil’s Auto can provide you with the fast and accurate inspection services needed to qualify as a driver for Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies. Our experienced ASE-certified technicians can identify any issues that could disqualify your vehicle or slow the approval process. By working with our automotive repair team, you can enjoy the fastest service and the most accurate results, allowing you to address any issues before they become major obstacles to your career with Lyft or Uber.

At Wil’s Auto, we take pride in offering customized services designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our Uber and Lyft inspection services can help you take a proactive approach to employment with these groundbreaking companies. Contact us at 954-226-9395 to set up your initial inspection or to schedule automotive repairs. We look forward to serving all your car care needs.

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